St Augustine of Canterbury C of E School
St Augustine of Canterbury C of E School
St Augustine of Canterbury C of E School

Urgent News

  • PLEASE NOTE: Children return to school KS1 & KS2 Monday 9th September 2019

Our School Improvement Plan

During and after everything we do, everything the children do, after any assessments the children carry out, we always ask ourselves, is what we are doing making a difference?  Is learning good enough? Are the children who attend our school getting a really good deal?

The school governors come into school to monitor and evaluate our practices regularly, and their findings are invaluable in helping us to improve.  We also ask staff, parents and pupils for their opinions using Survey Monkey as well as asking staff and parents to evaluate any training they have received through the school.  We take on board all comments and use them to help us to prioritise.  

The School Improvement Cycle

At the end of the academic year, the Senior Leadership Team and our Chair of Governors evaluate whole school assessment data and information, as well as assessing  the success of the school's improvement priorities.   Together, they identify the next areas for improvement required to achieve outstanding outcomes for all our pupils.  Each leader in the school uses these priorities to write their own action plan as to how they will address them. The year's school improvement prioriites are monitored and scrutinised throughout the year by both staff and governors to ensure successful impact.   

These are the School Improvement Priorities for 2018/19:

1.  Improve pupil progress in Writing for every year group.

2. Improve the quality of feedback throughout the school.

3. Improve the tracking of pupil progress to enhance the effectiveness of pupil progress meetings.


The improvement priorities identified by Trinitas Academy Trust are:


  • Improve the quality of pupils’ writing.


Although we seek parents' opinions in a variety of ways, we also ask that parents use to let us know how we are getting on.