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St Augustine of Canterbury C of E School
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Urgent News

  • End of term Wednesday 19th December at 1.40pm

Patience Class

Hello again and welcome to Patience Class. It was amazing working cooperatively with you last academic year.

This year, Miss Wilmot my Teaching Assistant and I – including our intervention team, Mrs Stevens and Ms Collins, aim to continue our exciting learning journey. We hope to embed and further develop your child’s understanding skills and knowledge required to be achieved by the end of Year 5.

In this autumn term, we will focus on ideas and activities from the text ‘Good Night Mr Tom’. This is a WW2 related text. We hope to generate interesting creative writing which cuts across the breadth of the curriculum. Your child will be required to complete and present projects in Science and inspirations from the main texts. This is to help develop their creativity and independence.

Spellings and Times Tables will be undertaken each week and children will be expected to learn them and will be tested on them weekly. Please encourage your child to use these words in sentences. This will help them use the words in context and also practise the spellings.


Children are expected to read at home every day. The books should be changed twice a week and a book reviews need to be complete before moving on to the next book. Please sign the reading record every time you hear your child read. They are responsible for bringing their reading record and their class reading book to school every day and for changing their book when necessary. Please support your child’s reading everyday for 15 minutes and help them to record this in their reading record.


This will be given on Thursday each week and will be expected back by Tuesday the following week. It will usually be a Literacy and Maths task. Sometimes it may also be topic based. Each should not take longer than 30 minutes to complete. Please encourage your child to handle their homework book with care and presentation of homework and projects need to mirror the high expectations of school work. It will be great if you could sign the home work to acknowledge your support for the completed task (s)


Year 5 goes swimming on Mondays (alternatively) to embed the skill taught in Year 4. Bikini is not an appropriate swimwear to be worn. Boys swim trunks must not go over the knee. We will also learn the skills required in playing hockey on the Mondays that they do not have swimming lessons. Please ensure that earrings are removed on Mondays and Wednesdays due to safeguarding. Children must wear the appropriate PE kit – white top with black or red bottom for each lesson. Please ensure that all clothing is labelled.

The Year 5 supporting team and I are very excited to start exploring and learning these new topics with your child and we look forward to continue the progress made this year.


Miss Attoh

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