St Augustine of Canterbury C of E School
St Augustine of Canterbury C of E School
St Augustine of Canterbury C of E School

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  • PLEASE NOTE: Children return to school KS1 & KS2 Monday 9th September 2019

School Parliament

Welcome to St - Augustine of Canterbury School Parliament.

Our aims as School Parliament are:

- Giving pupils a voice;

- Starting new initiatives;

- Helping staff and governors make the school outstanding.

In the past, School Parliament decisions have led to the whole school trip to the beach; an addition of ‘platinum’ to the behaviour chart; fundraising for new playground markings and more recently taking a lead in anti-bullying week and producing the STA’s Got Talent show. They have also represented the school on various visits, including a trip to Kidzania and a special tour of Belvedere Beach before it opened to the public.

Hello, my name is Nathan and I am 11 years old.  My role in School Parliament is the Prime Minister.  The reason I wanted to join School Parliament was so that I could help my school become a better place to learn, make friends and be safe.  Consequently, I took my only chance to become Prime Minister and I made it.  This is also a good messgae to say you should always try for that one shot.

My name is Kevine and I am 10 years old.  My role in School Parliament is Deputy Prime Minister and I don't think I would ever change the role.  I really wanted to be in School Parliament.  Before this year I did not have the courage but I thought that this year was my chance to show what I could really do.  I decided to join in order to make the school better and a fun and safer environment.  We have already achieved some of our goals and we are still working on some.

Hi, my name is Sibon and I am in Year 6 and am 10 years old.   I am in School Parliament so that if anyone has queries they should come to me.  I will take it to our meetings and we will solve it as soon as possible.  If you need help with anything you can come to me and I can help you.

Hello, my name is Ella and I am 9 years old.  This is my second year as School Parliament.  We have introduced lots of new things in school; platinum house points, school talent show and whole school trips.  I look forward to hearing more suggestions that will help to make this school even better.

I am Freya and I entered School Parliament to make the school a better place.  If you have any ideas that you think should happen in the school, you can tell me and I will report it to Mrs Brooks.  If you are worried about something in the school you can put your idea into the suggestions box that evey class has.

My name is Kai.  I am in Year 3.  I am in School Parliament because I want to help children in our school have no problems.