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St Augustine

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C of E Primary School

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History & Geography at St Augustine

At St. Augustine we learn about History and Geography in diverse ways. We believe that children should develop a keen awareness of the many areas of History and Geography and develop an understanding of our past and our world beyond text books. Take a look at some of the things that have been going on so far!


Year 1 visited the Florence Nightingale Museum, located at St. Thomas' Hospital. Our pupils had the amazing opportunity of meeting Florence Nightingale and listening to her describe her work and life.   Pupils explored the museum with self-directed activities, and even tried on Crimean nurse and soldier uniforms! It was a great experience for all of them!




Year 2 pupils learnt all about the Great Fire of London which happened in 1666. They made a model of a London street and made houses with cardboard and hay. The London street replica was then set alight in the playground, and we could see how the fire spread quickly, as it did during the Great Fire of London. This activity really helped pupils understand and visualise the great disaster that took place in our city.




Year 3  visited the British Museum and spent all morning learning about Ancient Egypt, mummification techniques and Pharaoh's symbols. They saw a 5000-year-old sand-dried mummy, wall paintings from Nebamun’s tomb, and even some animal mummies!  They spent a lovely day at the British Museum and will surely remember this trip for many years to come!



Year 6 visited the Natural History Museum where they covered some Science and Geography topics. Our pupils learnt about evolution and habitats and did various activities: they had to guess what animal     Mrs. Minhas was describing; and had to pretend to be birds feeding their chicks, taking into consideration various factors like feeding times, food..... an enriching experience for everyone!