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Patience (Year 5) Class & Home Learning

Patience Class

Welcome to Patience Class.  My name is Mrs Minhas and I am the Year 5 teacher; our teaching assistant is Mrs Dudley.

Year 5 is an extremely important year for the children, as it is leading up to their final year at St Augustine before making the leap to secondary school.  A key focus throughout Year 5 will be to ensure that the children take a mature and responsible approach to their education; becoming confident, organised and independent learners.  It is also the year when all pupils will begin to consolidate, bring together and apply the knowledge that they have gained throughout the past five years.  The skills and knowledge that they will build on this year will help to ignite their motivation to strive to reach their best, while inspiring them to grow and adapt to face the new challenges that Year 6 and secondary school will present.


Our Literacy text for the Summer term is ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ by  Michelle Magorian.  This text is about a young boy, Willie Beech who is evacuated to the country during the Second world War to live with Tom Oakley, an old widower.  With Tom, Willie flourishes, develops friendships and finds real happiness and security for the first time.  Then he has to return to London to his mother, and his old experiences wait for him again there, only to worsen.  This novel explores themes like safety and trust, parenting, fear and loss.  

There will be cross-curricular links of this text with other subjects.  For example, in History and Geography, pupils will be learning about the Second World War and exploring the different aspects e.g. what started the war, Allies and Axis parties,  rationing, evacuation and so on. 


Please see the ‘Medium Term Plan’ for more details.



All pupils are expected to read regularly at home with an adult in order to develop their comprehension/inferential skills as well as the speed, fluency and accuracy of what they read.  In school, we focus a great deal on analysing the content of what is being read; asking a variety of questions about the content in order to ensure that they gain a deeper understanding.  Asking these questions at home will improve their reading skills.  So, it is imperative that you read with your child every day for at least 15 minutes.

We would ask parents/carers to initial and date any comments that they make in their reading records on a daily basis, as well as indicating when their child has finished the book; these records will be checked regularly.


 All pupils will be set homework every Friday via Google Classroom and it is to be submitted by the following Tuesday.  Homework will include spelling/timetables, along with another piece of work related to the content covered in school during that week for consolidation.

Please remember - the aim of the Spelling homework is that all children apply this knowledge in their written work, not only in Literacy, but across the curriculum.  So please practise the given spellings in a context so that children understand their meanings and how to use them correctly. 

Physical Education

PE will take place every Tuesday morning.  As such, please send the children into school already dressed in their PE kit. This will be black shorts/jogging bottoms, a white t-shirt and trainers.

All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons. 

I look forward to working in partnership with you to support and help develop your child’s education in an enjoyable and attentive atmosphere.



Medium Term Plans - Spring Term 2021