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Hello Peace Class,


This week, the government has advised us to 'STAY ALERT; CONTROL THE VIRUS; SAVE LIVES. I sincerely believe that staying more at home and avoiding going out unnecessarily, mean being alert about the dangers of the virus. So do stay in as much as you can, to stay safe and to save lives. 


Many thanks to those who read their beautiful stories to me and those who emailed them to me. I enjoyed reading them.


Continue to revise what we have already learned and also learn new things.  There is an art challenge for you to complete this week - a drawing of you to be hanged around the school. Look below for more details. 


Please do not stop practicing and mastering your times table using Times Tables Rock Star.


If you want to write to any of your classmates, write it and let your parents send it through the class email below and I'll forward it to the intended recipient for you.


I thank those who have emailed pictures of things they have been doing. If you haven't, then try and send a picture of fun things you've been doing by yourself or with your family for our class album. 


Please stay safe whether you are in or out and about.


Missing you loads.


Miss Attoh






In this session, you will revisit multiplying and dividing by 4 and 8

Click the link below.

Multiplying and dividing by four and eight


How did Stone Age hunter-gatherers live?


Multiply and divide a two-digit number by a one-digit number


Vertebrates and invertebrates

Art and Design

Please draw a portrait of yourself with arms outstretched and email the photo our class emails:

  We will make a banner like the one below to hang around our beloved school.