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Ensuring tolerance of those with different Faiths and Beliefs

Tolerance and harmony between people who have different beliefs and faiths is very important. It is vital that children understand and respect not only their own but other people's cultures and traditions, even from a young age.


A member of our staff was invited to Reception class to show the children the toys she played with as a child. Our staff member's family originated from India and they are Sikh. She explained how her toys were dressed in traditional clothes from India. The children described them as beautiful! The children were given opportunities to touch and describe the toys and they explained how they compared to the toys they play with. Our member of staff went on to show the children lots of marbles and explained how children from Punjab play with them and that her son was also taught how to use them. She also showed the children a toy Indian drum, they enjoyed their chance to play it!  


The children learnt the word 'tradition' and what it means. Some of the children were able to give an example of a family tradition that they could share with everyone in the class.