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St Augustine

Of Canterbury

C of E Primary School

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Our Vision & Values



The Vision for our school, as agreed and promoted by all stakeholders is - Nurturing character, Promoting aspiration, Achieving excellence....through the Fruit of the Spirit.  


The short version is Aspiration, Character, Excellence (ACE)...through the Fruit of the Spirit.  


We see personal development as a core purpose of the school and opportunities to grow personally and academically are interwoven into all aspects of school life. Every class is named after a ‘fruit of the Spirit’ (Galatians 5:22-23).  So we have:


Reception – Joy Class

Year 1 – Faithfulness Class

Year 2- Gentleness Class

Year 3 – Peace Class

Year 4 – Kindness Class

Year 5 – Patience Class

Year 6 – Goodness Class


As the children progress through the school, they experience their class name in a variety of ways, with the aim being to develop these within themselves.  


At St Augustine we believe that all children should experience the feeling of success.  We place equal importance on academic development and personal development.  Through our praise and worship assemblies we not only give praise for academic progress but also for children demonstrating their understanding of the Fruit of the Spirit. 


We believe that our ACE vision underpins all that we do in school and supports our pupils in becoming independent and confident learners.  Children develop their characters and aspirations and they achieve excellence through love, patience, kindness and the other Fruits of the Spirit.  Our mission, therefore, is that when our pupils leave St Augustine, they will have experienced and learnt how to make a positive difference to the world through the Christian values that have become part of their personality and identity.