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St Augustine

Of Canterbury

C of E Primary School

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Parent Feedback

Yesterday we went to the village as it was a lovely afternoon and my child was already in casual wear. She had her school tee shirt on. My child commented as she scootered off that she was ‘proud to be wearing her school tee shirt’ and everyone could see as she ‘wants everyone to know that she goes to St Augustine and to a church school’. 


It was a proper ‘ahh that’s so sweet of you to say’ moment and a positive moment especially after being in lockdown and missing school etc’



‘I saw the children taking part in the road safety programme whilst out and about I the community.  Firstly what well behaved, smart, enthusiastic children.  They were listening to the instructor and looked eager to be aware of their own safety on the road.  This made me feel very proud of our children at St Augustine! Well done kids!’


‘……can I also add that my child is counting the days until she has Spanish class and is really enjoying it!’


My daughter has a spring in her step every morning now for Breakfast Club and loves gym club as well as the Monday sessions.  Mornings are no longer a chore for us.  My child is very compliant and is keen to get to school. Thank you all for all of the hard work to make this happen for my daughter and the other children!’


A small but mighty school where children’s happiness and contentment is sought and used as a foundation for learning!’